15+ Best Free Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Cartoons Online For Free

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you love to watch cartoons in your free time. Isn’t it? Cartoons shows are something watching which makes us smile. In our childhood, there was one favorite character from each show which we liked the most and we used to sit in front of the TV to watch them and laugh. Even when we had exams we used to watch anime/cartoon shows despite the pressure of homework. Even there are many of us who love to play games online and read comics but are there any good site present for that? Yes, there are some sites where you can watch cartoons without TV as well read comics too. Today in this detailed guide we are going to let you know about 15+ best free anime streaming sites to watch cartoons online. The common feature of all the below mentioned site is, they all are free to use and watch.


After reading this detailed guide and after knowing the name of the sites, we can assure that you will not miss a single episode of your favorite cartoon shows. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or at the office, you just need an internet connection and visit the sites given below to enjoy break-free cartoon/anime series online for free. Even you can download the app version of the same sites to enjoy cartoons animes on the go. There are some sites which will allow you to download cartoon series too. So, without stretching anymore, let’s have a look at the list of best cartoon streaming sites to watch anime online and check out what are the useful features these sites are having.

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Best Free Anime/Cartoon Streaming Sites to watch cartoons online:


If you are cartoon/anime lover then we are sure that you have watched the channel Nickelodeon. Nick.com is the official website of the same channel and here you can watch cartoons online for free on mobile or PC. Yes, there are plenty of episodes along with 100s of games available on this site which you can enjoy. You can also check the program schedule here so that you don’t miss your favorite shows. On the same website, on the homepage, you can see a green DO NOT TOUCH button but we suggest you click on it and see what funny things happen right in front of your screen.


This is one of the best free anime streaming sites online which you must visit. Not only episodes but you can enjoy cartoon series and movies as well on this same site. You can sort the cartoon shows using IMDb ratings too. All the cartoon episodes and videos are available in HD quality so that you can enjoy full episodes without any quality issues. After clicking on the episode you will see a video player with your chosen episode. You select quality whether HD or normal and enjoy watching. Below of the video, you can click on next or previous to see the related episodes.


This is a popular site to watch anime online for free without any issue. After landing on the homepage of the site you can see there are various anime series and episodes available to watch. There is one menu on the top which includes Cartoons, Anime, Anime, Movies etc. Even you can watch dubbed anime online for free too. Not only cartoon episodes and movies, you can also enjoy comics on this site itself.


Toonjet is a popular and one of the best sites to watch cartoons online which features all the popular and evergreen cartoon shows like Superman, Popeye, Betty Bopp, Felix and much more. They have got a dedicated app which you can download from Google Play store to watch cartoon shows on mobile phone. Do sign up with them using your email address and you can create your profile there, comment on any cartoon show you like, rate all the cartoons, create a favorite list of cartoons, send messages to other users and much more. From the homepage itself, you can watch cartoon shows and browse in menu section to find other shows.


Well, we all know about the biggest video search engine YouTube but do you know there are plenty of classic cartoons which you can watch and enjoy there? Yes, there are many channels which provide various cartoons in different languages. Yes, you can search, find and enjoy dubbed anime cartoons right here. Just search for the cartoon show you want to watch and enjoy watching. You can also subscribe to a channel to watch new cartoons from published by them.

Disney Junior:

We all love to watch Disney cartoons from our childhood, Disney gave us superheroes and different characters which we still remember. Do you know they have a website too where you can watch cartoon shows for free? yes, Disney Junior site is solely dedicated to providing you latest cartoon videos and games at the same place. After landing on the homepage you can see there are plenty of videos available to stream and watch, just click on them and you will be redirected to the video page where you watch the shows for free.


KissAnime is the best Anime streaming sites online you must visit. After landing on their homepage you can see there are plenty of cartoon shows features and have different categories to select and watch. If you are a Manga comic lover then here you can read comics too which makes it an all in one site. There is one search option on the top using which you can search and watch anime online for free. Whenever you click on any cartoon show icon you can see the summary, genres, date of release, total number of views and much more.


Anime heaven is solely dedicated to providing all the latest anime online and movies at the same place. On the top of the homepage, you can see there are different options available like anime series, movies, cartoons, ongoing series etc. You can even sort the shows by ratings and genres too. The best thing about this site is whenever you are watching cartoon/anime video you won’t get any annoying ads which make the video watching experience smoother.


You might have heard about this site for movie streaming but another great thing about this site is animes. Yes, here you can watch anime series online without subscriptions. They have a dedicated section for the cartoons and animes which make this site worth visiting. Apart from that the overall layout of the site is very easy to use and simple which smoother browsing experience. It has different categories like Anime, Movies, Series etc which you can select and enjoy right on your laptop or desktop. Wait, do you have a smartphone? Then download their official app and you can watch cartoons on mobile phone on the go.


Daisuki is another popular website to watch anime online for free. On the homepage of Daisuki, there is one menu to find your favorite categories of Anime. Before watching anything you need to create an account with them. They have a community option where you can discuss about shows and favorite anime characters with users which make any show interesting and increase curiosity too. On the top of the homepage, you can see one search option where you can search and find your favorite cartoon shows online. You have the option to create your favorite list of shows and share the list with friends. One more special feature about this is it has a store to buy action figures and stuff of popular anime shows which is unique to have.


We highly recommend GoGoanime site for all the anime and cartoon lovers around the world who love to watch latest cartoons online. After visiting the site you can see various anime and cartoon shows featured on te homepage. On the of the menu, you can see different categories like Anime list, New season, Movies, Popular, Watch Cartoon or drama too. If you are a Manga lover then you can read Manga comic too. On the right side of the homepage, you can see the list of ongoing cartoon series and below there are categories of anime which you can watch. A must visit site to watch anime online.


Chia-Anime id new comparing to the other mentioned sites but it has got a large collection of Anime Movies, Soundtracks, Asian Drama etc. It has various categories on the menu section like Popular, Hot, Feature, Most recent etc which you can browse and watch anime series online. A great resource for every anime lovers out there.


From new cartoon shows to full movies, here you can watch everything for free. We love the simple design and layout of the homepage of the website. On the top, you will find a menu which will make it easy to browse and find your favorite cartoons. You can browse by the studio which includes Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Marvel Comics, Cartoon Network, Hanna-Barbera, Pixar etc all the popular names. On the second option, you can find cartoon shows by browsing by characters which include Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Spiderman, The Lion King, Ben 10, Batman etc. part from them you can browse by shows and series too. They have a blog section too where you can read different articles related to animes and cartoons.


From the name itself, you can take the idea of this cartoon streaming site is solely dedicated to watching latest and popular cartoon shows online for free. They different options like Dubbed Anime online, Cartoons, Subbed Anime, Movies, Ova series etc. Now its all up to you which cartoon show you would like to watch today. On the homepage, all the latest episodes of different cartoon shows are featured which you can choose and watch. The overall layout of the site is very easy and they listed all the cartoons category wise which is great to have in a free cartoon streaming site.


Southpark site is dedicated to providing latest episodes and different clips of various cartoon shows. You can take advantage of the “watch any random episode” button to start watching any random episode from their site. But you won’t be able to understand if any random episode starts playing so you can browse through the menu option and categories available to find and watch cartoon shows.


This is the 2nd last website in this list of best free cartoon streaming sites. Watchfommy allows you to watch cartoon channels of different countries like UK, US, Japan, and others. Apart from cartoon channels, they have some other options too for the kids like cartoon videos, comics etc. Just visit this site, select the country and channel and start watching your favorite cartoons instantly.


Newgrounds is not only a typical anime streaming site but here you can enjoy games, movies, art etc too. They will show the latest updates on the front of the homepage. You can choose from the long list of cartoons available to watch and also search for your cartoon show. Just click on the poster of the show and you will be redirected to a page which will load the video. You can comment below the video and discuss with other viewers too.


That’s it! You have successfully learned about 15+ free cartoon streaming sites to watch cartoons online. All the above-mentioned sites are genuine and active. You don’t have to spend a single penny for any of the sites as well you can watch cartoon shows online without any issues. Some of the sites have an advantage of apps which will help you to enjoy cartoon shows on the go anytime anywhere. You might get some ads while browsing few sites but we would recommend you to keep patience. You can even use a pop up blocker for the ads related issues. We have tested each and every anime streaming sites mentioned above and all of them are genuine and we were able to play cartoon shows there. Now its all up to you which cartoon streaming website you loved the most and going to suggest others. Do let us know which one is your favorite from the above-mentioned list.

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