How to Fix “Unable to Connect to NVIDIA” Error 2017

For better graphics and visualization a system needs a graphics driver. It is only for a graphics driver that provides attractive picturization and graphics to a system. Every system comes inbuilt with a graphics driver but those who are game freaks and love to play high loaded games require extended graphics. NVIDIA graphics driver never disappoint any users. Every gamers PC now loaded with NVIDIA graphics. But now some users are facing a problem with NVIDIA, “Unable to connect NVIDIA”. It is a headache for NVIDIA users as they are facing a NVIDIA connection error notification from a system when they are going to update graphics driver.

This error encountered when you update your operating Windows 7 operating system to recent or above version. This issue now becomes serious for all PC gamers whose system are powered by NVIDIA graphics card. A system sometimes might display errors and we perform many troubleshooting steps to get rid of any system error. This unable to connect NVIDIA graphics error might encounter in your case due to driver fault or due to a system fault. After analyzing all possible corners of this error, here I am going to share all the possible steps for how to fix unable to connect to NVIDIA.

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NVIDIA  GEFORCE  problem Unable to Connect FIX

By following some easy steps this problem can be solved. For a long time, gamers are facing this problem and are not available with the proper step to fix this NVIDIA GEFORCE EXPERIENCE UNABLE TO CONNECT error. Also, there is no any solution from NVIDIA. So here I am going to share some ways to deal with this problem. Follow any and fix this error.

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Solution 1: Update GEFORCE

If you are using a system that runs on older version of GEFORCE 2.5.x.x then upgrade it manually to above version. You can download the latest version from the official site of NVIDIA. Before going for installation check the version of Experience. After updating GeForce you might get rid of this problem. If you are still facing this issue then follow the next solution.

Solution 2: Stop NVIDIA

This problem might relate to your system. Sometimes NVIDIA stuck when it begins to start that result this Unable to Connect to NVIDIA error. If in your case, this is the cause then you have to stop or disable all running process of NVIDIA in your system. Follow the steps to disable NVIDIA services.

  • Go to start menu and type Run. In the Run search box type services.msc and press Enter.

  • Press N to locate quickly NVIDIA Network Service. Identify whether it is running or not. If it is going on then it will show starting on Status column.

  •  You have to find an XML file named  NSManagedTasks.xml present on your systemTo locate quickly go to this location. The location path is given below.

C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService\

  • Now you have to delete this XML file. Right click and delete it. Sometimes this file might get hidden if you don’t enable show hidden folder. So first enable Show hidden folder.
  • Now go to Windows Task Manager by pressing the Windows+Shift+Esc key from your keypad at the same time. It will open a Window task manager window.
  • Go to the process and find  NVNetworkService.exe. Here you have to stop this process. Righ click with your mouse over this process and choose End Process.
  • Now again visit Service and start NVIDIA Network Service again. Your problem will be fixed and you will not face this Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Error anymore.

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Solution 3: Outdated driver

Many Windows errors today encountering due to a faulty driver. Faulty or downgraded driver sometimes encountered system error associated with it. So you need to identify all drivers those are outdated. There are some driver scanning softwares like Drivers Easy which identify faulty drivers from your system. If you are running on outdated NVIDIA Graphics driver then will show this error. So if it is for a faulty driver then download the recent version of  NVIDIA from the official site. Uninstall the old version of the driver and install the fresh and recent one.It will definitely solve this issue.

Solution 4: Localhost IP address

To deal with this problem I am sharing an advanced solution which needs to be performed by a technically sound person who possesses knowledge about host IP address. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge then never go for this solution.

  • Go to drivers folder located in the System 32 file in your C drive. The complete navigating path is given below.


  • You will get a host file in that location. Take a backup of this file first.
  • Open the file with your notepad.

  • Change to 127.0.0 or simply delete  x.x.x.x from the localhost. Go to Notepad file menu and save the changes.

For some small fault or outdated stuff on your system, you might face some Windows Error.There are many windows errors that are encountered due to downgraded drivers. You need to be a flexible user to solve any problems related to your Windows. Proper knowledge about the steps and with sufficient guide you can easily get rid of all windows errors. Here after many analysis and experiments, I have shared above all the working solutions to fix “Unable to Connect to NVIDIA” Error. So, try form the first solution till the end, I am sure you will get rid of this error. If you have any further query related to any of the above solutions then drop it in the below comment box.

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