How to Fix System Service Exception Windows 10?

At first, we want to tell you that what is SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION? Basically System Service exception is a blue screen error which shows that your PC ran into a problem and you need to restart it. But when you are going to restart your system after that the same error is showing on your PC. This problem is basically shown in every version of Windows. Thus in this topic, we are going to describe the solution for the problem creating in Windows 10 only. There must be one or more reason exist there behind the cause of this error. Like some of the simple causes are Antivirus, VPN, virtual clone drive, irregular system updates etc. We will provide you all the possible solutions which can even apply by the beginner as well as the experts too.

As we know that Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows launched by Microsoft Corp. till today. So this operating system always needed the proper updates from the Microsoft server using good internet connection. But generally, we always skip this update task as some body though that this is not important at all. No, it is totally wrong as this small update is also very much essential for our PC. Thus we always need to perform all the possible updates to install in our PC regularly.

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Complete solutions – How to Fix ‘System Service Exception’ error in Windows 10?

Here we will start to hold up all the possible solutions which you can apply now for fix up the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error in Windows 10. Let’s start to get know about the solution of that error completely from the points mentioned below.

Solution No. 1: Update the driver of PC Graphics-

Initially, you need to perform the step of updating your graphics drivers. You need to open the graphics properties of your PC and do it manually by checking if any updates are available for your Graphics driver. Otherwise, you can choose the automatic updates by using a special software named DRIVER EASY. Once you need to install that driver easy software in you PC and open that software using the icon and click ‘scan now’. It will automatically scan your whole PC for the available updates for your out dated driver. Do install the available drivers from the update result and hope your PC will be OK now.

Solution No. 2: Disable Integrated Webcam –

In some cases, the system service exception error may cause due to the integrated webcam present on the top of your screen. So, you need to disable the webcam from your Device Manager.

For disable that option you need to open the device manager by press Windows + X and choose the Device Manager option from the list.

Now the Device manager window will open and the list of your hardware will display together. Select the installed webcam and right click on it to choose the option Disable from it.

Now your system webcam has been disabled successfully if you want then enable it in the same way. The main need to disable it to check that any other hardware is causing this issue or not.

Solution No. 3: Update the Patch file of Window-

We need to inform you at first that most of the Windows patch files get updated by performing the Windows Updates only. For perform this solution you need to visit or open the Windows Settings and then click on the Update and Security. Now go to Windows Update and then click on the button Check for Updates. That’s it you are done now to check for the latest updates available for you r PC. If any update is available then Click to install it.

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Solution No. 4: System File check using CMD-

Next, you need to check for the system files from the command prompt window. At first, click on your Windows button and then type cmd in the search text box. From the search result, right click on the Command Prompt and the then choose Run as administrator. Now the cmd window will open. Now type the code or command text chkdsk /f /r and the press Enter button. Next, you need to press  to confirm. That’s it this step also done.

Note: If you have any antivirus program installed on your PC then please uninstall it once before performing the above-mentioned solutions in your PC.


So these are all the possible solutions for fix up the System Service Exception error in Windows 10. In case your problem is still not solved after performing all the above steps then you need to reinstall the Operating System once. But we hope after performing all the above steps you will successfully get reach out from this problem completely. This is a not a serious error so you need not get worried about these problems while you face in your PC. We also recommend you to perform the available updates for your PC regularly. As this updates also keep reach you out from causing these errors.

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