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Garageband is a music application developed by Apple. This application works same as a music studio. If you are a devotee of music and want to record your voice then this application is very useful. It will provide a full experience of a studio in your room. With this application on your device, you can do several musical experiments. Those who love to remain attached to music and composing for all time, this application is very useful. GarageBand is comprising of many virtual session, spectrum and musical instrument that can change your musical experience to a certain level. Its interface will allow its users to add some extra melody and beats to their self-recorded music.

garageband for windows 10

Many musicians and composers are using this application to record music or song to attract many listeners. So you might have aware about its capability.With the use of this app, you can record music with different types of loops, music, and betas that come default with it. Apple exclusively developed this small music studio application for MAC and iOS device. So non-Apple users like Android, Windows will not able to use this app directly.Windows users need to use emulators that enable you to run Apple application on Windows. So, download  Garageband for Windows 10 pc and easily run Garageband on PC through an emulator.

Features of  Garageband

It is not popular as it is developed by Apple but popular due to its unique and powerful features. It is only due to its incomparable features for which music lovers or singers are eager to use this application. Check all its feature below.

  • It has many recording and music mixing tool.
  • With many tools, this application is a perfect music studio.
  • You can tune your musical instrument using GarageBand.
  • It is integrated with many musical instruments application.You can play different kinds of music on different instruments.
  • It will automatically craft music beats and mixers to make your song more melodious or rocking.
  • It comes with thousands of loops and beat that you can choose at the time of recording or composing.
  • It is developed with inbuilt MIDI keypads that enable you to create many music tracks.
  •  Garageband enables you to capture high-quality music and videos.
  • It is very easy to handle and to use as it’s on app user manual will guide to use Garageband on PC.
  • Users can maintain a well-managed list of their tracks and composition on this application.
  • Backup your songs on the icloud drive, AirDrop.

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Download GarageBand For Windows 10 PC| | GarageBand On PC

 System Requirements:

It is not a heavy weight application, it will runs on any system with minimal configuration. But to use this advanced application of Apple you have to upgrade your system with all basic requirements. To install and to run GarageBand on windows PC you need to have below Windows system requirements.

  • As you have to download emulators to run GarageBand on PC so you need a system that runs on windows 7 or above.
  • You need to have a well interactive system. So use minimum 2GB RAM or above and  Intel i3/i5 processor.

Download GarageBand For Windows 10 PC

I have said earlier that Garageband is officially not available for Windows. But we will make this task possible as now I am going to share some details about how to download GarageBand for Windows and GarageBand on pc. To use GarageBand on Windows 10 PC you have to use emulators like Bluestacks,ipadian that can run any iOS app on any platform.

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#1.  Download GarageBand For Windows 10 PC using Bluestacks

Blustacks is a very popular emulator that has the ability to run any application on every platform. It is free and you can download Garageband for windows free with this application. Its interface is friendly and allows every app to run those not supports your system configuration. Look below the steps for GarageBand on PC.

  • Step 1 – First of all download Bluestacks and install it on your PC. It is free and you can download it from its official page. Directly download it from here.

(Download BlueStacks)

  • Step 2 – After successful installation, open the interface on your PC and search for GarageBand in its search bar.
  • Step 3 – Wait for few moments as it populating the search result.Once the search result is ready click to install GarageBand on PC. Bluestacks will install GarageBand in its interface.
  • Step 4 – Installation might take few minutes depends upon your internet speed and system speed. After installation completed enjoy GarageBand on windows 10 PC.

#2.  Download GarageBand For Windows 10 PC using iPadian

iPadian is also a popular emulator that has been developed to run an iOS application on the Windows system. This emulator is also free and used by many. Below are the steps to download GarageBand app on Windows PC.

  • Step 1 –  You need to download iPadian on your Windows PC first. To download iPadian on your PC visit on their official site or you can download from here.

(Download iPadian)

  • Step 2 –An exe file will get downloaded to your system. Click on that exe file to start the installation process of iPadian. Wait for few minutes till it gets successfully installed.
  • Step 3 – After full installation opens its interface and select AppStore.
  • Step 4 – Now you have to search GarageBand on iPadian.Type the name into its search bar and click to download.
  • Step 5– It will take few moments to download. When download will finfish install it on iPadian.
  • Step 6– After download and installation finished, GarageBand icon will generate in the App folder. Click for a different musical journey.

So, you might have gathered information about GarageBand. It is a product of Apple and wholly for Apple. As it is an amazing musical studio app, so how Windows user can be away from it? To make it available for Windows users here in this post I have shared what configuration of Windows System you need to have and all the procedures to download  GarageBand for Windows 10 PC. Enjoy your musical journey through GarageBand.

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