Xpadder Windows 10 – How to Configure a Joystick for PC (7, 8.1 & 10)

Those cursor keys of the keyboard and the Enter button are always our favorite game playing option. But, what if you are playing a game that demands joystick? Purchasing is always an option. What if you have a far better choice to be made out? Well, the technological innovation made available a software that suits your need for having a joystick to play your favorite play. Yes, I am discussing the software named Xpadder Windows 10 – How to Configure a Joystick for PC (7,8.1 & 10). In here I will let you know all about the configuration setup by which you can imitate your most comfortable keyboard into a joystick and match the excitement of your game.

The console games can be best experienced in Windows PC with the software controller Xpadder. I am totally concerned to let you know all about the setting and configuration set up to use the software to have the ultimate fun of console games. No doubt that there are plenty in the list of controller softwares. But, Xpadder tops the list in providing free service for users using Windows 10, 7 and 8.1. If you are a hardcore game lover then having Xpadder latest version in your PC is a must thing. As the purpose of the joystick controller is to let you have the fun of all the console games in the most comfortable way without spending any extra bucks.

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Xpadder Windows 10 – How to Configure a Joystick for PC (7,8.1 & 10)

Xpadder is a great download for users of Windows 7 and 10. How to use Xpadder Windows 10 in your PC is my prime matter of concern. Downloading and configuring it makes your keyboard function just like a gamepad. While using this best controller tool you might face certain errors. I have given a detailed account on how to recover from the error terms and get going with the configuration.

  • Using the Xpadder for the first times introduces some error. You need to solve out the unsupported version of the windows. Therefore, fixing this requires opening the properties option by a right click on the icon of the Xpadder. Go to the compatibility tab and select the compatibility mode section. Select the Windows version and click Apply then OK. This will solve out the issue and you can get started with the configuration.

  • Double click to open the Xpadder. You will find an icon of a joystick at the left side corner. Click on the image to set the configuration set up.

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  • You will then get the demo image of the controller. Choose any of the available images and then proceed to the tab named Stick. You require two sticks to play the game. Therefore, enable the choices of two sticks 1 and 2 and follow by the requested operations.

  • The next configuration you need to make is the DPad tab. Make your settings by allocating the keys for the DPad of your gamepad.

  • This then follows the Button option. Here you get the mapping of the entire gamepad and the keyboard too. You will view small white boxes for each button of the gamepad. You require allotting keys from the keyboard for each particular of them. This will redirect you to play the game following the command and instructions.

  • The assigning does not only let you add the keys. It gives you an option to either rename or deletes a button in the layout as the required gamepad demands. Via this Button option, you can assign the mouse clicks of your mouse with the button of the virtual gamepad.
  • After all these set up is done you can select the Finish option. This will save the entire set up of the virtual gamepad and allow you to play the console games operating the keyboard and mouse of your PC.

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Final Word

This is the detailed information about the Xpadder Windows 10 – How to Configure a Joystick for PC (7,8.1 & 10). The choice of playing console games just not via importing console is best defined by the excellent controller tool XPadder. The best part of the system lies in the fact that this has made the technological innovation to reach such a height that gave it an economical and exciting shape. Get an easy download of the software and make your PC entirely feasible to avail yourself playing exciting console games.

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