Top 12 Best Games Like Skyrim You Should Try

You will find an alternative to anything in this globe. So if you love to play RPG game and like to explore your role play gaming like on Skyrim then you should try some best games like Skyrim. Bethesda Game Studios has developed this RPG game The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. This game developer company is very renowned and delivers to all game lovers many outstanding and addicting games.This game is loaded with high graphics and its differents storyline put extra joy and to the gamers. Skyrim is an open world fantasy epic role play game. It’s adage and characters with many stories and task to do will make you feel that it’s for a long time and it will continue for long. They offer in this game plenty of tasks with many surprising stories that make you feel to play till you slaved all dragons. There are very few games that can put such visual effect, experience, and story in a game.

You might be playing Skyrim for a long time and you are the witness of its adventure and convenience. This is an open world adventurous and action game. Today game lovers love to play role play game as they provide different types of the adventurous journey depends upon many nonlinear story line. Those who are gamers they love to try different games that give them different challenges. With similar challenges and experience, there are many games those are perfect alternatives of Skyrim. So if you are searching for its alternatives then you are on the right page. With many different game play elements here I am going to share names of Top 12 Best Games Like Skyrim You Should Try.

Top 12 Best Games Like Skyrim

If you have completed Skyrim 5 and waiting for its next release which will come at the end of this year 2017 then here is something more interesting for you. Check out my list of all games those are exactly alternatives of Skyrim.


In terms of story, characters, and gaming scenario this game is equal to Skyrim. Those who are Skyrim lovers will surely love this game. It is big with many challenges and task which you need to complete to be a superior player. Fallout has many stories that level that likely to be same as Skyrim. Apart from adventures this game also refreshes gamers with some funny challenging task. As this game has the ability to put same gaming senses as of Skyrim so it is one of the top alternatives of Skyrim. Why shouldn’t it be? This game is developed by Bethesda Game Studios those who developed Skyrim.

2.Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is another alternative of Skyrim that can provide you extreme gaming experience of RPG. This game is developed with 5 regions where you need to play as a warrior, villain, and juggler. This game also developed with many characters and stories which you can explore in its different levels. You will be well equipped with many skills, abilities, and arms which you need to use in different stages as per scenario. More familiar with this game you will able to know where and when your skills need to be applied. More level you completed you will earn fate points and many arms and abilities like slow motion, killer combos, etc.


Playing Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor will surprise you with many ways. Here you will play the role of a ranger who will be guided by a ghost. The story of this game is different which you will get to know when you will play it. You and your family were killed by a Sauron but somehow you are alive to take the revenge. To complete different level of revenge till you reach to the main culprit you will be guided by a ghost in your way. with excellent graphics and story, this can be a perfect Skyrim alternative. In the course of this game, many new abilities will be added and also many things you will learn.

4.Dark Souls

Dark Souls are for hardcore RPG game lovers. It is among few which come so close to the gameplay of Skyrim. Here you will be a warrior and you have to fight with dark. Devils and demons always in a try to kill you which you have to defend with your abilities and strength.Long you play, more you will be equipped with new abilities and strength. The gameplay of this game is hard so sometimes you might get frustrated but the ultimate gamers will control it and go to till the end to defeat the boss. Enemies are devastating but with the completion of every stage and levels, you also will be more devastating.

5.Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome is an old RPG game developed with impressive action stories. This game is simple as compared to above-listed games but has the ability to provide the same experience of conflict like Skyrim. The visual appearance of this game is awesome that seems very resemble the real world. In this game, you will play as a Roman warrior with one of your friend to take revenge those who murdered you family. In this game, you can take help from friends or co-challengers in order to complete the main challenge.

6.Risen 3

It is an amazing action and most popular role play adventurous game. Here you will play a role of a saver who only can save the world from destruction. In this game, you have to face many powerful enemies in every stage of challenges. War is between you and Titans and you have to show your abilities and power to defeat all Titans. More you complete the challenges step by step; arms will be added to you that will help you complete your task and to combat against the Titans. Travel worldwide and complete goals. It is a perfect warfare game with proper sound, visual and story which can be a good alternative of Skyrim.


Neverwinter is another RPG game that is very much alike as Skyrim. Action, story, gameplay, features everything will make you feel that you are on warfare on Skyrim. This game has plenty of things to explore. Here you can take challenges alone and even take help from a partner. Neverwinter consist of many classes which you need to opt. Each and every different class has some unique abilities that can help you to achieve the ultimate goal. Work as a team with your friends with a perfect game plan in order to kill every single monster. This game is updated regularly with many new challenges and features.

8.Witcher Series

This game is large with different settings, places, cities as like as Skyrim. It is a complete fantasy role play game that includes many strategies, characters, and story. This game is related to hunters those possessing powerful abilities. You will also be equipped with many abilities that will increase gradually with every stage. It requires some time to build your strategy to defeat your enemies. With great visual, sound effect and game scenario, Witcher series is very close to the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

9.World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft or WOW is very popular as an RPG game. It is famous for its story and effects.  In this game, you will able to select different roles. It provides more enjoyment to all game lovers as you can team up with many different heroes to defeat powerful villains and to achieve the goal. This game is loaded with different stories and monsters which you will face at a different level. So if you are looking for a full action role play fantasy game as Skyrim then World of Warcraft is a great choice. It is a fully customizable game where you can modify characters and skills as per your requirements. It’s developers updating this game with many characters and stories that can easily attract all RPG game freaks.

10.Dragon’s Dogma

Though Dragon’s Dogma is not so popular still it provides the same level of excitement with many similar features like Skyrim and Dark Souls. Gamers those who enjoyed this two game will enjoy this game Dragon’s Dogma too. In this game, you will play the role of Arisen who are powerfully equipped with many abilities and arms. You need to use your abilities at the right time to defeat your opponents to achieve the goal. In the course of this you will face many enemies that will frustrate you with their powerful moves but after a time being you will enjoy the wisdom of triumph. Dragons Dogma is one of the best games like Skyrim.

11.Gothic 3

In this game, you will face many wild beast and monster which you need to defeat at every stage. For more time you survive, you will able to improve your character with many powerful abilities. You need to use your power and combats at proper accuracy in order to defeat all enemies that come in your route. You will not be alone in this game; you will be in your division that will help you to destroy other divisions to loot all the resources the town that they had captured. Work as a team and train all your gang members to pursuit the journey as a hero to achieve the ultimate objective in the Gothic 3.With many stories and characters those are armed with powerful weapons will give you the same experience as the alternative of Skyrim.

12.Divinity 2

Divinity 2 is the last game in our list of Top 12 Best Games like Skyrim. This game is full of many elements that will give you a full action game experience. The gameplay is a bit different from other RPG games but the main objective is same as others. You have to fight hard for your goal. In every stage, you will face challenges and more you gather experience more you can stay in this game. You will be well armed with several power ups which will help you to defeat monsters.

Wrapping up: Best Games Like Skyrim

Those who are in a search of RPG games like Skyrim, we must say try its ancestors. Sometimes people might get bored or like to try something else.You can’t compare Skyrim with other but still, in the gaming world, there are some alternatives of Skyrim that has the ability to provide same gaming arena. New series of Skyrim is going to release this year so it’s a perfect time to try others, might you get the same interest as in Skyrim? From the above list Fallout 4 and Risen 3 is the best as it somewhat matched with the Skyrim gameplay. Hope the provided information would be of help to you. So if you are playing some other games that resemble of Skyrim then let us know.

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