Top 15 Best Games Like Roblox

You must be familiar with game Roblox which is perhaps one of the most popular and favorite video game of all time. It is a physics based on MMO game that gives the players access for creating their own levels in a sandbox environment. Since the year 2005, Roblox has gained its popularity and become and become a creative game for the young age children. But have you ever thought of trying something new game just like Roblox? Time to switch and play the game similar to Roblox, in this game just like in Roblox you will be able to build or create and then share your creation with different players and friends. To help you out finding the alternative games, we have made a collection of Top 15 Best Game like Roblox with complete information.

Roblox game is developed especially with an intention, to sharpen the mind and increase the skills of the kids and teens between the age of 8 to 20 years. This game falls into the category massively Multiplayer Online Game shortly termed as MMO. It avails the players to interact with other players from worldwide. One can also customize their game avatar and then give feedbacks of the other creation. Now let us read the full information of Roblox similar game explained below in details.

Complete Details of Top 15 Best Games Like Roblox:

1: Minecraft

When it comes to a top best game like Roblox Minecraft stands at the highest point of the list. Minecraft is a very popular game with largely played titles in the world-building sandbox genre. The players of the game are given a task to construct buildings in the procedurally generated Minecraft world. In the game, the players are given the access to make the use of unlimited resources for creating and building amazing bases. And it also involves the exploration, crafting and combat to help to maintain the health to survive in Minecraft. This game is very interesting to play as it features the multiplayer option, allowing the player to create and also share the different maps to play Minecraft.

2: Trove

Trove game comes as mixed up genre with the sandbox and MMO arena, it is filled with lots of adventure and its universe is vast. Players are given the access to explore the several numbers of worlds from the HUB area to many dungeons. Earn the loot and set to build very own home called as a cornerstone. Trove also provides a chance to the player to choose several classes to characters with abilities that are on the basis of chosen classes. The game is filled with the lots of adventure, amazing creation, and multiplayer gaming options. Enjoy the customization settings of the items of the players and change the game avatars.

3: Block and Load

Block and Load is an interesting game play that is similar to Minecraft game. In the game, you have to attack, defend, build and destroy. Team up and prepare your plan and complete the objectives. The game consists of two bases one is yours and other are enemies. Your main objective is to go to your enemy base and destroy them. And most important of all is the buildings maintain it, with turrets, set man traps, men blocks, ammo blocks, bounce blocks and booster blocks. Experience the online multiplayer PVP action and choose different characters in the game filled with different abilities. It is a strategic game where you have to battle and take 5 on 5.

4: Tresology

Tresology is an interesting open source game giving the player amazing sandbox along with the elements from other genres. It is a project that was developed from a Minecraft-inspired technology demo and is now becoming a strong platform with setting in a voxel world to play several games.  However, this game is still adding lots of new features by giving some new ideas, when made a comparison with the game of the same genre category game. Tresology is a game that provides the players almost same gaming like that of Minecraft. In this game, the players are allowed to create the world of their own and for another player to make a visit.

5: CastleMiner

It is no wonder that CastleMiner is the most played available Xbox Live titles. This game offers to you a sandbox style of gameplay and provides a sandbox style gameplay. The players are provided a choice to choose any one world out of 6 different worlds. After the player of the CastleMiner chooses his own choice of a world, simply they are able to start applying the 200 types of blocks. And the game will give you the task of building the amazing structures and create a civilization of its own. In CastleMiner, you can create your own world and play with the online avatar with at least 15 members of your friends.  Start building worlds, save them and you can share them online with the world players.

6: Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles is an interesting game, in which you are allowed to build worlds starting from a cube and many more items. It is a role playing 3D-platforming game and includes many other challenges, and whatever you build depends on you. In the game play, the players have to build their own word using one cube at a time. Also, the player of cubic castles those who produce realms, gather resource for crafting blocks. And collect as much of the high-grade materials to start building the various structures in the world of cubic castles. The players are provided with an access to visit each and every realm of the players to attain the inspiration from each other and to create the greater look of castles.

7:  Blockland

Blockland is an online single and multiplayer game and is about building the city using the bricks. There is no objective provided, as the players are completely free to design everything and built the structures. The game is quite similar to that of playing the Legos game online and gives you the same feeling. It gives its player access to build as a single player and also the multiplayer building experience. The players who had purchased the game can host a standard server and can keep it with like 100 players. And it also mostly depends on the internet connectivity. With the use of tools in the gameplay of Blockland, the player can change the properties of individual bricks and adjust many other things. Not only that the game also features destructive weapons, semi-automated construction machines and lots more.

8: The Blockheads 

It is time to explore the most interesting game that is the Blockheads. Mine, craft and then build in this huge sandbox game that shares similarity with the Roblox game. Search for the large simulated worlds containing more than thousands of blocks. It covers a very wide area that is with a full temperature and includes the unique climate system and season too. Not only that the players will also get to witness an equator and the frozen poles. Explore the most complicated wave system in the game of the blockheads and go through the flowing water and survive into the land of deserts. You can either play the game to have fun as a single or multiplayer mode.

9: Mythruna

Mythruna is an impressive game that combines with a serious role playing elements that are endless. In the gameplay, it blends the building of the world using the extensive crafting. And you can create beautiful worlds into a shape of a voxel to get the experience of sandbox role play. But the game is still in the process of under development but the game is filled with lots of exciting things. The developers of the Mythruna are planning to add more layers into it, for give a better experience to the players. Get ready to have more fun when the development of the game is totally complete.

10: Kongama

Kongama is basically an internet browser based on a game and similar to Roblox. It gives you the access to create and also design various types of games and its levels. The players can play the game online with your friends and share with other players. The players of Kongama will be given the terrain and logic for creating their personal experience of gaming. Kongame allows the players to create various games and that includes different genre. And this makes the game most demanding 3D multiplayer based on sandbox construction game in the list.

11: Blocksworld

Blocksworld offers to you more than 4 million of creativity that is made by the players. You can create and sell the customize models to trade along with the players from worldwide, to allow you to earn coins. Convert your coins into cash, also the players of the game can challenge their friends competing to top into the leaderboards and have fun of virtual reality. In the gameplay of BlocksWorld, the player can take part in the racing games or escape mazes and battle monsters, etc. Build to create the dinosaurs, helicopters and the whole city by using dragging and drop control options.

12: Growtopia

Growtopia is most probably the best choice for you if you are seeking for a multiplayer creative sandbox game. It will take you into the long journey of travel to help you get to entertained and have fun. Enjoy the game into completely 2D multiplayer experience allowing the players to build structure and trade with other players. The game is rich in its look with touch of classic graphic style. And there is absolutely no need of investing the portable gaming device for playing Growtopia game. It is compatible with different devices that include Mac OS, Android, windows, and iOS device.

13: Brick Force

Brick Force is a very exciting sandbox shooter game that gives you the access to build own Warfield. Smoothly create several amazing maps to share it with the different players from the world. Compete with different players by entering into the challenging mode into the mode of PVP matches. Also customize any of the character using like hundreds of costumes including the clothing items. In the game, the players can fight as a team of 8 in bricktastic PvP or PvE mode of gaming. It brings to you updates of themes along with the new settings and lots of features.

14: Deepworld

Deepworld is a tremendously multi player 2D crafting game filled with lots of adventure. Locate your way by going through the mountains or caves and ruins. And these are filled with dangerous path and get few rewards on the way. Using the inventory system the player can easily mine and craft like hundreds of items on the Deepworld. In the gameplay, the player can use several weapons that will help you defend yourself from the monsters by fighting them. Compete with different players of the world by taking part in PvP.

15: Build With Chrome

Build with Chrome is a unique internet application tool developed by Google. It provides the user an access to create the visual world of Legos with the reality based location of their choice. Using the build with chrome the player will become expert in build. As it works by combining with the Google Maps and Lego to create brand new, be it on your windows PC and Smartphone. In the gameplay, the player not only put up the challenges to a player with a task to build into several locations. Also provides the options to share the creation of the players with another player with the characters of LEGO movie.


These are the necessary information that you need to know about the top 15 Best Games Like Roblox. Choose any of the games from the provided list to enjoy the game that shares the similarity in its feature. Each of these game is very awesome to play and will provide you the best gaming experience ever. Choose the interesting characters in the game play with its unique abilities, and take part into the game as a multiplayer or enjoy the game as the single player. Build the structure of the world in the game on your own way, and experience the adventures of the game play that is similar to Roblox.

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