Top 15 Best Games Like Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a very popular adventurous game which is developed specially for children. This is basically a cross platform game which can easily run between the platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS etc. The game has been developed in 2010 and launched officially for various platforms. Still, now this game has been downloaded by million of players and day by day the number of players is still increasing accordingly. This is an online mode of a multiplayer game which needs an internet connection to play as always. Besides that, your children can able to easily meet with new peoples from across the world in a very safe online environment. If some one needs to replace this game after getting played for a long time there is also the best option for you all.


Here in this context, we will start to discuss the top 15 best games alike Animal Jam which also gives you the same experience like Animal Jam only.  In this game, players can able to customize their den, avatar, adopt virtual pet and more. When you will install the other games you can easily get these customisable features with more new extra ordinary features at all. So, no need to wait more and start to know about the alternatives games like Animal Jam.

Top 15 best games like Animal Jam:

Now we will hold up a list of top 15 best games like Animal Jam which you may also start to play in replace of the Animal Jam game. Let’s start to know about those games which are similar to Animal jam only.


One of the good alternatives of Animal Jam game is  Goatlings. You can virtual pet world for almost the all ranges of ages. Players can select or create their own custom Avatar using this game very easily. All the work in this game is all about with pet i.e. at first you need to adopt one goat pet and need to take care of it very carefully. After that, you have to keep one good name for your pet. Now try to prepare them giving proper training for sending them into adventure and explore the whole game world by collecting various items in this game.

Pet Society:

Pet Society is a very interesting game for all the pet lovers. This is an online game which is developed by Electronic Arts (EA) games for virtual world simulation. More over the Pet Society game has ranked first among the most popular Facebook video game from a long period of time. This game consists of the social networking element which helps the players to interact with each other through the pets. If you get bored of playing Animal Jam then definitely go for this game. The interface of the game is quite awesome and it will make you forget about Animal Jam. Pet Society is one of the best alternatives of Animal Jam.

Feral Heart:

This a very beautiful wild life simulation game in which you need to specially deal with lions. You will get some character which you need to custom for changing or transform into lion, cheetah, wolf etc. Now roaming for free into the whole game world and get meet with new peoples from across the world, feeling the awesome wild life simulation experience. The game is quite simple and all that you need to do is register and you are good to go.  A user manual has been provided to let you play the game without facing any difficulties. This has been stated as one of the best games like Animal Jam like many users.

Pixie Hollow:

With the help of Pixie Hollow game, a user can able to create and customise their own colorful Avatar easily. Now children can able to create their own Sparrow man without the applying of Pixie dust. Explore more in this game by moving one part to another in this game and thus interact with new members present in this game through online. This is a very wonderful game for any age of player for playing this game. The interface of the game will leave you mesmerized and  more than that the landing page of the game has been provided with special sounds which make it all more enjoyable to the kids.

Moshi Monsters:

Moshi Monster is an online platform based game for children from 6 to 10 years which is a best alternative game of Animal Jam. There are more than 80 millions of registered users currently playing this online mode game. This game contains mainly 6 types of characters to start play. They are Furi, Davlo, Poppet, Katsuma, Luvli, Zommer. The game to part; one is simply Moshi Monsters and the other is Moshi Monsters: Egg hunt. Apart from that, you can also get goodies like trading cards which will help you advance through the game. With a very awesome user interface, this game is too much addicted for players.


To get knowledge about the Wolf and their ecology then this is the best game to move around and also the top alternative game like Animal Jam. In this game, you need to get interact with the wild life environment only. You need to act as a wolf and then you need to move inside the game world, lives in jungles and to know about the other wolves too. The game is quite simple and easy to play and all that you need to do is register and you will be good to go.  This game is one of the best alternatives of Animal Jam.

Jump Start:

Jump start is a similar game like Animal Jam which consists of a colorful user interface with characters. This is an online game in which you need to play this game with your own customised Avatar. Explore more by playing this game with other players through online. It helps you get to interact with unknown players from across the game server. This is a very attractive game for the players who love adventure. Just register and you can start playing the game immediately. It even has different levels which are meant for kids of different ages.


Poptropica is a children game which is based on education and virtual simulation over online. The age of the children may range from 6 to 15 years to explore more by playing this beautiful game. This game is a very good source to keep them engaged in killing the off time and thus fulfill every step to meet with every member in this game. You can get a bundle of characters to customise them for playing the game too. The game is available on both iOS and Google Play Store. All that you need to do is download the game and you can start playing the game as soon as it is done.


From the name of this game, you may get know that this game is all about to take care of a dog which is a special character in this game. The task what you need to do in this game is that customise the appearance of this dog with its diet, living place etc. Now let it go to roam in the whole game world to explore more things present in this Dogzer online game. The game provides you free sign up and it even provides you a guided tour which shows you how to play the game.

Amazing World:

Another similar game like Animal Jam is an Amazing world which is an online game to virtual stimulate yourself inside the whole game world. A little character, you will get in this game named as ‘Zing’ which you need to customise with a variety of option present in this game. The awesome world of this game also provides the children with a best educational environment also. This game is probably one of the best game like Animal Jam. It is available on Steam, Windows Store, Google Play Store and iOS Store. It is only supported on Mozilla, Safari and Internet Explorer.


Fantage is an amazing online game which allows you to keep yourself busy with a lot of online games and activities to do ever.  At first in the starting of this game, you need to customise one cartoon Avatar in this game by changing its clothes, gadgets, available other custom items etc. After completing the online games you will get or own more points and money to buy the more items for your Fantage game. Registration is free and you can even change the language to Spanish from English. You can make a maximum number of two avatars and save them and also can play with them according to your wish.

Star Stable:

For the horse lovers, Star Stable is one of the most beautiful games to play using the same mechanisms like Animal Jam. This game is currently available in more than 130 countries with eleven different languages like English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian etc. Players also can able to meet the new peoples from across the world and spending their time with this interesting game play. You can register for free and can change the language according to your wish. The game has different modes and you can play them accordingly. Some special quests are available which provides special prizes.

Club Penguin:

By creating your own Penguin Avatar by yourself, you need to play this online. This game is specially created for the children between the age 6 to 14 only. Even it comes up with security that if the children start to inappropriate use of this game then parents can apply the parental lock or security to this game. So this game is a virtual world simulation game to play and enjoy anytime and anywhere. The game provides you with new challenges every day and you can get lots of special prizes for that. It is only available for iOS and Android platforms.


This is browser based virtual world simulation game in which you need to create a character named Roly. The character should be customised with a unique style such that it looks like extra ordinary between the thousands of users in the world. Besides this, there will be many Roly available to whom you need to unlock by winning points after playing this game. The game is free to play and you don’t have to do any kind of registration for this game. Just open the site, click on it and start playing. Quite simple and easy to play it.

Bin Weevils:

The Bin Weevils will surely provide you with the same game play experience in the virtual world simulation. This game provides you with the best part of this world by simply customising your own avatar. Weevils allow starting to interact with the other weevils present in the game world very easily. Meet your new weevils and explore this game in a wide way. The game even has a blog which keeps you posted about all the latest new of the game. You can even become a member, which has many special benefits like exclusive items, pets. etc. This is one of the best alternatives of Animal Jam.

These are not the end of the list as there are more games available which are similar to Animal Jam. You need to simply search on the internet if you want some thing extra, rather than the above mentioned 15 games. As we recommend that you can choose any one of the above games from the 15 items list and involve you in the category of total epic game player. Hope you all are satisfied with the topic which we have described above about the best alternatives of Animal Jamp for the cross platform games. Do let us know if you have more queries.

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