Top 15 Best Games Like Age of Empires

This post is for the RTS game lovers those who are in a search of the best games like Age of Empires. Going through this collection it is sure that gamers will to play all these games in this genre. Age of Empires is a game where gamers first need to civilize his empire with all resources like buildings, technology, special units and much more. Playing this game you will gather an idea about how recent civilization gets advanced. Advancement of a big civilization depends on you and your units. Age of Empire is consisting of different historical ages and each new civilization steadily getting advanced through many technologies. Playing this game you will have experience of much different civilization which will help you to accumulate more knowledge and strategies.

Age of Empire is a true illustration of different ancient ages that gradually rising to a modern civilization. This game is developed on a great story where players can explore freely and able to decide how he will conquer with the in-game world. You have to build your own squad, collect resources for a powerful empire to conduct a war against your enemies. If you are a fan of real time strategy game and looking for an Age of Empire alternatives then you are on the right page. Here you will be introduced to many games similar to Age of Empire which you can play. With same strategies and passion as on Age of Empire, you can be dominant in all alternatives of Age of Empire.

Top 15 Best Games like Age of Empires

Let take a look at the best alternatives of Age of Empire. There are many but here you will be introduced to top 15 best games like Age of Empire. Hope all games will entertain you like the Age of Empire.


It is the recent addition to the city building which was launched on 2014. This game is full of many resources which you need to develop your regions. This game displays the same real time strategy scenario as of Age of Empire. That’s it is on the top of all alternatives of Age of Empire. In this, you and your community need to work together to develop your settlement. Banished accomplish with many stories and places that refresh you during gameplay. This game starts with minimum resources which you need to collect and a boom in a very adverse atmosphere. You are like to be in a stone age where all materials made up of stone and where the main route to sustain lives is fishing and farming. In this game, your goal is to keep peoples happy by improving their lives. With good graphics and story, this is perfect Age of Empire alternative.

StarCraft 2

This game is developed by Bizzard Entertainment with lots of strategies and stories. It is a perfect single player RTS game but it has also a multiplayer option. It is very popular among all RTS games and entertains you same as Age of Empire. It is easy but very hard to be a master accomplished with different strategies and gameplay. This game is full of many rewards and achievements which you need to unlock in order to reach your goal. You have to build a strong base with powerful barricades to be dominant in the full universe. This game made of a nonlinear story where gamers need to choose from three species- Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. You have to control your units and remain always prepare with different strategies in order to survive in this in-game war.

Rise of Nations

This game is developed by Big Huge Game, those who developed several RTS games. You have to build your territory with different technology, strategies, and structure. At the beginning of this game, your territory will be small but gradually it will expand to a massive one. The rise of Nation is featured with 18 different civilization and 8 different ages which increase its popularity and game scenario.  The rise of Nation is developed with many unique ideas and strategies that make it popular and one of the best strategy RTS game. Playing this game you will experience the best strategy which you can use to train your more than hundred units. Strengthen your army and wipe all your opponents.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

It is one of the highest rated real time strategic based games. It is developed by Blizzard Entertainment.The story and gaming environment quite match with other RTS game. With many location and stories, this games seems to be more real. Games have many resources like gold, lumber, and food which you can use to expand your area at different stages of the game. You have to build a strong base with useful resources. You need to train your troops with different strategies to win in the in-game battle. Your resources will be minimal at the beginning but gradually heroes and units will become powerful when you will complete some levels.

Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

It is a military strategy game. This game will put you in a war condition where you need to apply different strategies in order to be a winner. Same as other RTS game, here in this game you have built a strong and powerful military base. The game will offer you time to time many resources which you can use to make your base powerful. The story of this game is simple. You have to build a strong defense. To protect your areas and people you have to collect different resources at different stages. More stages and levels you successfully completed more points and resources you will discover that gradually steps you to your goal.

Age of Mythology

It is one of the best alternatives of Age of Empire. This game is developed by Age of Empires. As Age of Empire related to the old civilization of Africa, Europe, etc this game Age of Mythology focuses on the Greek and Egypt legends. The story is same; you have to build a strong and powerful army. This game is loaded with different resources which you can use during the war against your opponents and enemies. Every civilization of Egypt, Greek are different and you have to choose any. There will be different God at a different age which you need to choose. You will get introduced with many ages in this game. In all ages, you have to unlock a God that will bless your army with different capabilities and abilities.

Anno 2070

Anno 2010 is a version of the genre of Anno series developed by Ubisoft. This game has two mode single and multiplayer. If you are a beginner then start with single player mode. After having proper experience about its rule and gameplay switched to multiplayer mode. The story of the game is for global warming. Due to severe pollution in the year 2070 world will face severe destruction and there remain very few signs of human beings and lands. This game will let you know what might happen to the Earth after few years. This game will put you in that adverse condition where you have saved the remaining inhabitable land. Anno 2070 is loaded with many challenges which you need to complete in order to build the Earth as today from the scratch.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

It is widely popular as a real time strategy game which runs on all platforms. This game is a War so you need to build a powerful base with well-equipped armies. In this game, you have the opportunity to play against three powerful nations- Soviet Union, Allies and Empire of the rising sun. All nations are powerful and large form you and you have to face all. Every nation has different strategies that they will apply to you. More you gather experience about their strength and resources; there will be a chance to win.  Resources are many which you need to collect to build a strong nation and defense.

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II

This game is another alternative of Age of Empire. You can get its real time strategy experience in all platforms Windows, Xbox 360. The story of this game is different from you at some stage you need to be on the good side and sometimes on bad. It will give you the experience of both. This game is similar to its predecessors which remain very popular. In this game, you will get introduced to 6 units those having separate units of soldiers. Every units and faction has different abilities and follows different strategies. So at the beginning, it will make you frustrated but gradually after many replays, you will be perfect.

From Dust

This game is another genre of Ubisoft God games. It was released in 2013 and developers make it available on all major platforms. The story depends on which it is developed is unique. You will be playing a role of God and God itself will control the full game. You have to look after tribes and need to enlighten their livelihood by using your power and sphere tools. In this game, as you will play the role of a God and so you need to keep the mankind safe from any disaster.  All the missions in this game are to save the villagers from the adverse condition.


It is free multiplayer RTS game which is another best Age of Empire alternative. This Game is developed by Good Game Studio. The story of this game is quite similar to others. Here you need to build an empire in such a manner that enemies think before an attack. The main thing of this is to build a castle and to trade with others player online. You have to grow your empire and for that, you need to develop your strategies and armies. More you will play and clear levels, you will able to make your troops and castle more powerful as compared to other opponents.

Napoleon: Total War

If you want to rule and fight like a Napoleon than this game is the right choice. With many real time tactics, this game is also a good age of Empire alternatives. This game is developed by following some great battles fought by the Napoleon. It built upon war history that Napoleon fought in the 18th and 19th century in Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The gameplay is different as you need to command your troops in war and also need to govern your territory. You have to build a powerful territory by building houses, technology, defense system and much more. After proper management and govern, when your army is ready for battle then you will experience the main real time counter in this game. As the great Napoleon was masters in governing and war winning strategies so you have followed his steps until you reach your destination.


It is another best RTS game and a good choice those who are looking for Game like Age of Empire.  In this fantasy gaming RTS world, MegaGlest comes for free and it is platform independent. It is fantasy real time strategy game which consists of seven sides- Romans, Indians, Egypt, Persians, Magic, and Tech. All these together in this game called Megapack. Every group or factions have some limitation and advantages.  Dealing with all these factions builds this game a very strategic game. You have to use the game elements in a proper way in order to keep the gaming environment balanced.

Company of Heroes

Perfect real time strategy game that is one of the top alternatives of Age of Empire. It is built upon realistic strategy that runs on both Windows and MAC platform smoothly. It is developed by the developers of Relic Entertainment those who delivers many war games. In this, you have to take care of all supply lines of resources. The goal of this game is to cut all the incoming supplies of sources of your enemies. This game has three types of resources fuel for running vehicles, troops to build an army and munitions for more destruction and power. Building in this game plays an important role as you need to occupy those scattered everywhere in the game map.

Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III is another name in this real time fantasy strategic game. It is also can be a good alternative for those who are looking for game as Age of Empire. Players in this game will be a leader and they need to interact with other leaders and kingdoms. As a politician, you need to tackle many situations diplomatically and through strategy. Here in this game, you have to build and grow your empire slowly by defeating others. More you defeat more you can expand your empire. You can play this game both on online and offline. Through its offline version, you can play in multiplayer mode by using your local network.

Final Word

Age of Empire is the supreme in this real time strategic game.  Sometimes playing a single game for a long time make you bored. This is the main reason for which you need to search for an alternative. All the top 15 games like Age of Empire that I have listed above are popular and deliver the same excitements as that of Age of Empire. With many strategy and levels, all these above-listed games deliver countless entertaining hours to players. Among all alternatives of Age of Empire I think Banished and Warcraft III you will like the most.

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